Twofer tummy Tuesday

Because an alliterative meme of photographs sounded like a swell idea, here’s a twofer of tummies for your Tuesday.

First: Vazra.

Vazra lying on his back in the sunshine (162_6280)

Second: Kako.

Kako lying on her back with some toys (106_0615)

5 thoughts on “Twofer tummy Tuesday”

  1. Cute? Absolutely. Cuddly? Well, not Vazra. For the most part, he hates to have his tummy rubbed–although I get away with it once in great a while. Kako? She’ll let me do it but is sometimes finicky about how much and how often. As for other people, she attempts to dismember them if they try it!

  2. LOL! So Vazra trusts you enough to show you his tummy, but don’t go touchin’ it! My parents have a cat that sounds like Kako – she’ll show me her tummy, I can scratch it a little bit, but if it’s too much all four paws with claws out attack my hand and she’ll bite me too if my hand is within reach. Cats are such teases with their fluffy tummies.

  3. Vazra was rescued last August after he was abandoned here at the lake, so we still have work to do on trust and comfort. But he’s already come such a long way. He’s just so laid back, as are the rest of the cats. That helps a lot.

    That sounds about like Kako, although it’s hard for me to push her over the edge when it comes to her tummy. Still, she has her limits, and sometimes she just doesn’t want to be touched there. As with everything else in the cosmos, she has a love-hate relationship with it.

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