A moment of Loki zen

A few weeks ago when Loki made a Daddy pallet, I offered some of the photos I took then as he lay atop me, both of us basking in the warm afternoon sun.  Now I want to share some of the other photos I took of him that day.  Like the other felines living here, he’s an extremely photogenic cat.  I was happy to discover these examples in the menagerie of scenes I captured that day.

The first three are of his unsettled “should I stay or should I go” moment when he first climbed on top of me.  With birds flitting about on the patio and with Daddy pinned down as a captive audience for play, he struggled with whether he should get comfortable or leap into action.

Loki sitting on top of me looking out the window (163_6302)
Loki sitting on top of me looking out the window (163_6304)
Loki sitting on top of me looking out the window (163_6313)

Do take special note of his one white eyebrow in that last photo.  He always has to be a showoff.

After playing a bit without climbing down off my chest, he fell asleep.  Only when his eyes are closed and his mind is at rest does he become truly peaceful; the rest of the time he’s a wicked soul.

Loki sleeping on top of me (163_6308)

I let him sleep for half an hour before I decided it was time to get up and work on chores.  Disrupting his nap didn’t make me popular.  In fact, I got the demanding stare once I moved into a seated position.  That look made it quite clear I had erred terribly and would suffer greatly for my insolence.

Loki giving me a demanding stare after I woke him up (162_6282)

After all, if I’m going to dance with the devil, I have to accept the repercussions.

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