Peculiar aristocratic titles

I kept this particular doodad for possible inclusion in the weekly Friday quiz lineup, but it occurred to me it didn’t really fit the bill as a quiz.  And then it struck me!  Why not use it for The Kids?  Might be fun, huh?  I thought so, too.

So, here in all their feline glory are the five masters of the universe with their own peculiar aristocratic titles.

Close-up of Grendel

His Most Noble Lord Grendel the Incontrovertible of Chignall Duntisbourne

Close-up of Loki

Count-Palatine Loki the Furtive of Leg over Wallop

Close-up of Kako

Duchess Kako the Lackadaisical of Frome Valley

Close-up of Kazon

Imperial Majesty Kazon the Venal of Heffton St Mallet

Close-up of Vazra

The Very Reverend Vazra the Pertinacious of Throcking in the Hole

[yes, sometimes the intarweb is about nothing more complicated than mindless fun]

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