Earlier this month I told you of the death of another family pet.  Two, actually.  Now I get to tell you about the good side of that experience.

Meet Rascal!  In Mom’s own words:

She is as intelligent as Booger was, and considering she just went from an outside dog to an inside dog she’s doing great. She certainly hasn’t taken Booger’s place, but she sure fills a lot of the hole left behind.

And from another e-mail:

The new dog we have since losing Booger is doing great. She loves to play fetch with a ball and she thinks the cats are animated toys. So far they haven’t given her any pain but it’s coming. She’s pretty rough and sooner or later the cats will let her know they don’t appreciate it.

And the gratuitous photo she sent along:

Rascal lying on the dining room floor (atteef66)

And yet more:

She’s into everything. She has done very well considering she has been an outside dog for her 10 months of life. Now she’s inside and figuring out how things work. The air blowing out of the floor vents had her hiding in Snoopy’s pet carrier for a while. She hasn’t had an “accident” inside since she’s been here so we’re pleased.

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