What an odd phenomenon

Despite heavy fog draped over the world this morning, something quite different now begins to take shape in the sky and across the land.  Some form of bright, all-encompassing light now casts a growing luminescence where only shadow has lived for ten days.  What can this odd phenomenon be?

One might easily assume it to be a celestial wonder heretofore unseen.  Might it be the heavens now portend some unknown doom by way of this explosive radiance falling upon us?  Has our astronomy failed to predict a cataclysmic event which appears capable of setting ablaze the very air we breathe?

Oh, what calamitous upheaval now befalls us?

But wait…  Some touch of this golden sky-god seems familiar to my skin, almost known to my eyes.  Can it be that lost friend too long removed from our lives?  Is that warmth I feel only a remembrance of that which is lost, or is it a visitation by an acquaintance forgotten after so much time?

I reach out and grab a handful of the dazzling glow even as it continues to brighten.  My hand closes easily around the intense fire saturating the world, and I hold it close to me.  Only when pressed against my cheek do I finally recognize it.

The sun has finally returned.  Climbing rapidly into a clear sky, it casts its burning gaze downward.

Where have you been for so long, my friend?

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