Introducing ‘The silence of snow’

On February 14, 2004, a Saturday and a Valentine’s Day like so many prior, we here in North Texas experienced a convenient snowstorm the likes of which had not been seen in the area for almost 30 years (1978 to be precise).  While it is not unusual to have winter weather in Dallas, especially in February when the majority of our polar experiences occur, it is somewhat unexpected to have a significant amount of wintry precipitation in a single day.

I call it a “convenient snowstorm” because the snow fell heavily over the course of a few hours, culminating in several inches by midmorning, yet the white wonderland melted quickly later in the day as our temperatures rose above freezing.  By the next day, it was near impossible to believe several inches of snow had fallen less then 24 hours before.

Nevertheless, the magic of that arctic experience has never left me.  Rediscovering these photos almost three years later brought back an overwhelming flood of memories, all of them warm and inviting.

Although I have already posted photos of the event (see this post and all the entries in “The snow”), my intention with this new series is to share with you, sans commentary, some portion of the remaining photographs from that spectacular snowfall.

I now offer you the opportunity to enjoy a visual journey, one silent of words yet flooded with unspoken messages.

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