This seemed appropriate given our sudden jump in temperatures during the last few days, and especially if it gets as warm today as it seems destined to do.

zephyr (zeph·yr): / ZEF er /

(1) a mild, gentle breeze, especially a light warming breeze
(2) the west wind (capitalized; literary)
(3) a fine, lightweight, delicate fabric or garment
(4) something passing, fleeting, airy, or insubstantial

[From Middle English ‘Zephirus’ meaning “west wind (personified),” from Latin Zephyrus meaning “god of the west wind” and zephyrus meaning “west wind,” from Greek Zephyros meaning “god of the west wind” and zephyros meaning “west wind.”]

Usage: Cold, bitter air had settled over the landscape like an ice blanket, yet an almost inconsequential zephyr repeatedly touched my frozen cheeks as though to remind me of what had been before winter, and what would be again.

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  1. I’d forgotten about that car. I wonder if it was based on the “god of the west wind” idea, or if someone just flipped through a dictionary until they stumbled across a word they didn’t know that looked unique . . .

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