The silence of snow :: First light

In the night it turned to snow, which still falls, and now covers the wet ground three or four inches deep. It is a very damp snow or sleet, perhaps mixed with rain, which the strong northwest wind plasters to that side of the trees and houses. I never saw the blue in snow so bright as this damp, dark, stormy morning at 7 A.M., as I was coming down the railroad. I did not have to make a hole in it, but I saw it some rods off in the deep, narrow ravines of the drifts and under their edges or eaves, like the serenest blue of heaven, though the sky was, of course, wholly concealed by the driving snow-storm; suggesting that in darkest storms we may still have the hue of heaven in us.

— Henry David Thoreau

Ducks swimming along a snow-flanked creek
Looking across the lake with heavy snow falling while gulls fly overhead
Looking across a snow-covered field toward woodlands blanketed in white
Ducks swimming along a snow-flanked creek meandering into the woods

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