Along one of the major creeks in the area, I’ve noticed a large number of trees growing along its banks that have found themselves moved nearer and nearer the water.  Erosion has taken from them the space that once existed between their lives and the flow’s continuous march toward the lake.  This process has left many ancient souls now precariously dangled over the water, trunks leaning toward impending doom.  While their roots undoubtedly have stretched far away from the creek with hope of maintaining a strong grasp on solid ground, it looks to me that they can never truly win the battle.  Eventually the waters will take from them the very soil upon which they stand.

Trees leaning over the creek
A trees leaning over the creek

While I did not capture them in photos, some trees have already taken the plunge.  As the woodlands are quite dense just beyond that second picture and I did not make it that far into the thicket during this trip, I’m not certain how many in that area are near collapse or already have fallen from the banks.

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