Open thread

Letter to the Berkowitzes: This is a letter from a cat to his pet humans regarding the adoption of a dog.  It’s hysterical!

This is a story from Sports Illustrated that is very much worth reading.  It’s quite inspirational.  Because it’s hidden behind the stupid firewall, it was copied to another blog, which is where I’m directing you since I couldn’t access it at the SI site.

You absolutely must go see these photos of ice formations.  Most of them are of what looks like a wave of water that found itself quick-frozen.  Stunning…

Birds in the News 68 (v2n19): There’s plenty of bird news to read, including some updates on that poor duck in Florida who survived two days in a refrigerator after being shot and thought dead.  Also, you have to see that first photograph of a wood duck drake.  Wow!

Philosophers’ Carnival #42 is a nice collection this time around.  If you like to think about thinking and being and all those other questions that don’t have empirical answers, this is the carnival for you.

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