Is it a waltz or an attack?

One problem with trying to photograph The Kids when I’m playing with them is that… well… it’s that I only have two hands and one set of eyes.  If a hand is involved in play—something that’s difficult to avoid, you understand—the other hand, which is still attached to the same body, is responsible for aiming the camera and taking the picture.  As if that wasn’t difficult enough, I’m left trying to watch the play and the hand involved while simultaneously trying to watch the camera so I can guesstimate the image I’ll capture.

Thus you can understand these two photos of Loki.  It’s terribly important with him to keep a close eye on the fun.  He has no mercy when he plays.  That’s fine and I accept it, but being smart about it can help minimize the damage I suffer as a result.  Therefore, trying to get a few pics at the same time can divert my attention just long enough for him to swoop in and inflict bloody hell—and I mean “bloody hell” quite literally.

So I ask you when looking at these photos: Is it a waltz or an attack?

Loki standing on his hind legs
Loki standing on his hind legs

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