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Over the last few hours when I’ve stepped outside, I’ve wondered why the rain sounded a bit odd.  Only now after careful scrutiny did it occur to me that the rain has mixed with sleet.  So I came inside and checked the forecast.  Apparently, as usual, things are changing rapidly, but we expect the sleet to continue while the rain switches over to snow this evening, and then we expect a wintry mix overnight until changing to freezing drizzle tomorrow.  At present, it doesn’t look like we’ll get much accumulation—if any.  Still, I welcome this bitter touch of winter like I would an old friend.  There’s nothing more wonderful than arctic precipitation.

As for the web site…  I’m in the process of finding a new theme.  Well, at least I’m looking for one.  If I don’t find something I like, then it’ll stay as is.  If I do find something I like, I’ll work on it to bring it up to par with my standards, and then I’ll roll it out for the world to see.  Also, I might implement a system that will allow you to switch between the new theme and the old theme.  Basically, you’ll be able to view the site either as it is now or as it will be should I change it.  Abruptly forcing you to see it the way I want it seems a bit harsh—although I’ve been doing that all along and might just do it again should I decide to turn its look and feel into something completely different.  Meanwhile, if you have a preference on that one way or another, speak up.

In other news… The job search continues.  I’m beyond the comfortable space I once occupied and am now delving head-first into that area where I don’t know whence the next meal comes.  This is an uncomfortable position to be in, yet here I am.  Finding employment is of the utmost importance for me lest I and the feline brats find ourselves in a precarious situation.  So the search continues…

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