King of the hill

With warm sunshine beaming in through open blinds, I took the opportunity to photograph The Kids while we enjoyed a nice afternoon together.  At some point, I knelt down on my hands and knees so I could put the camera in a special position on the floor where it might be possible to get a good picture of one or another of them who had begrudgingly joined me in such a low place—you know, the kind of place they’re loath to go.

So, as you might expect, me being on all fours provided an easy opportunity for…

Kazon lying on my back while he looks out the window

Surprise!  Kazon hopped on my back and got comfortable.  He does love to sleep on my shoulders and to climb aboard my back when it’s made convenient.  How could I have expected anything else?

In his usual way, he settled in and went about his own business.  In this case, that meant looking out the windows.

Kazon lying on my back while he looks out the window

Then he realized I was still on the floor.  That he was lying on top of me didn’t register.  Kazon’s like that, you know.  I mean… well… simple.  To be polite about it.

Kazon lying on my back while he looks down at me

Then came the question: “Daddy, don’t you want to come up here and play with me?  I’m ‘King of the Hill,’ but I bet you’d enjoy this game, too!  Come on.  Try to knock me off.”

Kazon lying on my back while he looks down at me, both paws holding on to my shoulder

He still hasn’t figured out that I can’t join him up there.

Needless to say, he got cozy and made sure I was stuck in that position for quite some time.

And the picture I was trying to take?  Forgotten, of course.

2 thoughts on “King of the hill”

  1. You have no idea, Pam! Because I couldn’t see what I was aiming at, I just kept shooting and hoping for the best. I would up with 20-25 photos; only a few of them were presentable. But that’s why digital cameras are the best: you don’t waste film when you take a bad picture (or lots of bad pictures).

    They are wonderful photography subjects! I can’t tell you have many photos I have of them because of their photogenic natures. It smells of obsessive-compulsive disorder . . .

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