She’s a poser . . . sometimes

Kako‘s a poser.  She likes lookin’ fine and sittin’ pretty, mainly because she knows she’s all that and a bag of catnip.

Kako sitting on the bathroom's dividing wall
Kako sitting on the bathroom's dividing wall

Sometimes, however, she’s not in the mood to pose.  Like the photo below…  I saw her sitting atop the kitchen cabinets, so I grabbed the camera and aimed.  She saw me and immediately decided she didn’t want her picture taken.

Kako leaping down from the kitchen cabinets

3 thoughts on “She’s a poser . . . sometimes”

  1. LOL! I hadn’t thought of myself as the paparazzi, sher, but I think you’re absolutely correct about that. And yes, she’s the little Ms. Julie Newmar of the house, what with the glamour and statuesque figure.

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