I’m redecorating

xenogere will be changing soon.  I already told you I was having an identity crisis with the current theme (look and feel).  Well, I’ve decided to go ahead with a change.

Which theme did I choose?  Was it one of the three I showed in that post (two, really, since I already discarded one of them)?  Or is it something you’ve not seen yet?

Only time will tell.

I doubt I can get the change made by week’s end as originally predicted.  I say that only because there are many updates to be made to the new theme before it can be rolled out.  It needs to support some of the extended functionality I’ve added to the current theme.  It needs to have a bit of my own personality injected into it before it’s presentable.  It needs to be updated to function properly with the setup of my server and site.  And the list goes on.

When should you expect it to change?  I don’t honestly know, but sooner is a safer bet than is later.  Call it part of my blogiversary celebration.  Also, call it part of my growing desire to make some changes around here.  Skinning the site with a new theme will be the first part of that, but you can safely assume there are other changes in the works as well (structural, like categories and organization).

So consider yourself warned.  In the near future you will arrive here and see a very different site.  The content won’t change.  The author won’t change.  But the site itself will be redecorated as a start to what may be an ongoing project to satisfy my own capriciousness in this matter.

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