What a horrible day

Sunshine.  It pours from the sky in bucketfuls.  Warm temperatures and gusty winds invade where winter lived just last week.  Were it not for the faintest wisps of cirrus scattered about, the heavens would be a lamentable shade of blue.  The thought of it… soft to the touch and powdery to the eyes.  And it would be that way from horizon to horizon.  So thank you clouds for showing up today.  You saved me from a monotonous mess.  Booooring.

Southerly winds bluster and blow, a constant reminder that keeps shoving me around like a schoolyard bully.  Each brisk caress feels of spring.  Yet with the recent snow and ice, not to mention the arctic temperatures, how dare this splendid display invade winter so blatantly.

The demarcation between sun and shadow offers a world unto itself.  I need only stand on one side or the other to experience the magic of such days.  One, cool and breezy, starkly contrasts with the other, warm and windy.  The difference could be painted with ease by the simplest of minds.  What a wondrously irksome dichotomy.

I watch the green anoles emerging from their hideaway.  A place only I know besides my reptilian neighbors, the sun calls to them and beckons with sweet promises of the heat such small scales need.  They peek from shadows, emerging only when they feel it safe, and climb slowly into bits of light, luminescent rejuvenation I feel is offered for them only.  They obviously think likewise.

Songs from many different birds resound from trees scattered around me.  The occasional duck or gull cry lifts quietly from beyond the trees and falls over me in waves.  In the distance, rising high on thermals above the lake, a large red-tailed hawk draws expanding circles I can not see.  Something in me knows flying through one of those feather-drawn doorways would take me to places I could never imagine.  I long to take flight…

Oh, wait…  I’m supposed to be hating this day.  Let me get back on track after derailing my own thread…

Oh, now I remember!  It’s something like…

What an utterly wretched day indeed.  Horrible.  Simply unacceptable in early February.  Let’s hate it!

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