It’s still in the works

The redesign of xenogere is progressing nicely, albeit slowly and methodically.  But it’s still in the works.

I’d guess you should expect the most dramatic change to take place in a week or so—give or take a job, natural or anthropogenic disaster, or whatever else might stand in the way.

Part of the face lift will give rise to organizational changes.  That will follow (I think…) the new theme.  What I intend to do is perform some consolidation and modification in the categories, especially with the photos… but not just with the photos.  I’m still working on that, though, and no specifics are available at present.

Then again, maybe I’ll leave well enough alone…

Something else I’m considering is a “best of” kinda thingy.  I don’t know what I mean by that.  Perhaps it will be a popularity contest—as in, the most viewed or most commented posts, or perhaps it will be a democratic poll of the best posts, or I might even do a random setup where a certain number are chosen and a varying subset of those is displayed.  Or maybe I’ll forget the idea because it’s too self-aggrandizing.  Or troublesome.  Or whatever.


I remain unable to guarantee that the theme change will even take place.  I think it will.  Nevertheless, it’s a dramatic and worrisome endeavor that could give rise to all sorts of malfunctions and problems.  Yet I have confidence it’s going to happen.  I’ve grown weary of the current look and feel of the site and want to relaunch it as a kind of blog renaissance.

I’m wishy-washy that way, a bit of a capricious dweeb even.

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