My little predator

Consider the situation. There you are, forehead like a set of balconies, worrying about the long-term effects of all this new ‘fire’ stuff on the environment, you’re being chased and eaten by most of the planet’s large animals, and suddenly tiny versions of one of the worst of them wanders into the cave and starts to purr.

— Terry Pratchett, The Unadulterated Cat

Kazon offering his puppy dog eyes
A close-up of Kazon with a serious look on his face

Doesn’t Kazon look like a ferocious killer?

5 thoughts on “My little predator”

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  2. Kazon–you are a beauty!! You have too sweet a face to be a predator. (But, I know how that can suddenly come out even in the prettiest kitty!) Hugs!

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