Saturn’s rings and Venus pillars


SATURN AT ITS BEST: This weekend Saturn will be at its closest to Earth for all of 2007. The planet rises in the east at sunset and soars nearly overhead at midnight. To the naked eye, Saturn resembles a bright yellow star. Through a backyard telescope, it materializes as a spectacular ring world. Even small telescopes yield pleasing views. Take a look!

VENUS PILLARS: While Saturn rises in the east, Venus sets in the west. If you watch Venus sink toward the horizon on a cold night, you might see it sprout vertical columns of light known as Venus pillars. Today’s edition of features rare photos of these pillars and explains what they are.

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  1. I noticed that, too. It’s supposed to stay cloudy through the first part of next week. But that’s fine since both shows will still be available for a while yet.

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