It seems to fit this administration in a million different ways…

cabal (ca·bal): / kuh BAL /

(1) a group of conspirators or plotters, especially one formed for political purposes (e.g., to overthrow a government or person in authority)
(2) the plots, schemes, intrigues, and artifices of a group of conspirators
(3) a clique or exclusive group of people

intransitive verb

(1) to form a group of conspirators and plot against someone or something

[From French cabale meaning “cabal, intrigue, cabala,” from medieval Latin cabbala meaning “secret teaching, cabala,” from (rabbinical) Late Hebrew qabbalah meaning “tradition or lore (literally ‘received or accepted’).”]

Usage: It seems obvious we can blame the Iraq debacle on a cabal of two men: Rumsfeld and Cheney.

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