Open thread

Columbia’s more civilized than the U.S.: “Homosexual couples in Colombia should have the same property rights as their heterosexual counterparts, the nation’s Constitutional Court has ruled. The decision applies to those who have been living together for two years.”

An Iraq Interrogator’s Nightmare: This is an absolute must-read for everyone.  It’s powerful and touching, and it paints a horrific picture of what our government’s policies are doing to the men and women who have to carry out those policies.  I’d quote some of the article if it wouldn’t somehow diminish its impact.  Please, go read it.

The latest edition of Good Planets is now available.  Be sure to check it out for some fantastic pictures from all around Earth.

One of my favorite science bloggers posted something very cool about cats (mostly domestic felines, that is).  Even I learned something from him.  Oh, and he’s a cat person—those photos are of his feline companions.

Speaking of cats…  Weekend Cat Blogging #88 is now available for your perusal.  Go hunt down some feline fun.

Pick a number between 1 and 20.  Seriously… pick a number.  Got it?  Okay, the chances are extremely high that you picked 17 or 7, in that order, while a much smaller chance exists that you picked something else.  Wanna know why?  Go read The Power of…7 ? to see some thoughts on this very topic.  Interesting…

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