Can I now say I feel much better about the new theme?

Did you even notice the new left sidebar?  And how cool it is?  And how versatile?  And most importantly, how not like the right sidebar it is?

It’s the new, clean feel.  It bothered me something fierce having the same blocks on both sides of the page.  Really, it bothered me.  A lot.

Something about the blocky, overly geometric setup…  It was just bad, I think, abrupt in an unwelcoming manner.

Or something.

I do believe it feels better now, softer and more organic without being less robust or moi.  There’s a little more air to breath as well.  Not so stuffy, right?

I think so.

More importantly, getting the code at least mostly functional was a pleasant surprise.  Miracles never cease!

I guess I’m progressively more satiated with the site’s theme change.  Maybe I will keep it…

2 thoughts on “Aaaaaahhhhhh”

  1. Hey! Where’d it go? I like the new look. It’s easier to track the different headings & catagories and the colors are contrasted enough to be interesting without overload. And remember what I do for a living before you pinch me. Where are you?

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