My, what a big head you have

As I’m wont to do, I crawled down on the floor and visited with The Kids.  In fact, I do it that often if you hadn’t already noticed.  But that’s not the point.  I got on the floor the other day and tried snapping a few photos.

Oh, and I was playing with the camera settings again, although that seems terribly unwise with cats given their meandering ways and incessant desire to do the opposite of what I’d like them to do.

Anyway, I had the camera in macro mode while Kako sat beside me.  She had been sitting still for a minute or more.  I mean, is it odd that I thought she’d sit still for the second or two I needed to snap a photo?

Ha!  What was I thinking…

I remained knelt on the floor and targeted the picture without actually seeing what I was looking at.  I steadied the camera right in front of her thinking I would surely get a fantastic photograph to share with the world.

Right as I pressed the button, she leaned forward.  Toward the camera.

She’s going to hurt me terribly for posting this.  Oh well…

I found it rather entertaining that she came out looking like a wombat—or something.

A close-up of Kako at an odd angle

Honestly, she doesn’t look like a wombat.  She does, however, look like her head is made from a balloon.

Oh, darn.  She’s soooo going to kick my butt for that remark.  She checks up on my blogging, you know, to be sure I’ve not insulted her or sullied her pristine reputation.

Well, allow me to preemptively offer a slightly different macro photo of her where she leaned in toward the camera but didn’t come out looking like some bizarre genetic experiment gone awry (oh, mercy me! she’s already here and giving me the “you’re gonna pay for that” look… I’m doomed, I say…).

A close-up of Kako in natural light

And one final shot from yet a different angle.  I’m trying to win favors by making her look good.  I don’t think it’s working.

A close-up of Kako in natural light

I have to go now, poppets.  I’m being told I must be tortured for my insolence.  Like that ever works…

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