Who knew bathtubs could be so much fun

Remember when I said Vazra was insane?  I said that because, among many other reasons, he plays in the bathtub with gleeful abandon—but he’s playing with the bathtub and not in it with something else.  Well, now I can show you the proof.

Both of these videos were captured yesterday morning.  Keep in mind I had to lighten them since the shower area gets indirect incandescent light and doesn’t make for a good video environment.  The color is also a bit off due to lighting and the surrounding surfaces.  Nevertheless, both show Vazra doing what he loves to do when he goes in the bathroom: jump in the bathtub and excitedly chase invisible rodents.

Odd cat, that one.

The first video is thirty-six seconds long.  You can hear Loki talking as he enters near the end of the clip, and then you see his tail cut through the bottom of the screen.  He didn’t want to be left out of whatever fun was to be had.

The second video is thirty-one seconds long.  Since by this time everyone was in the bathroom and because I was paying attention to the camera instead of who was doing what around me, I don’t know which fur person’s tail swings through the frame near the end of this one.

Vazra’s habit of entertaining himself with the bathtub is quite a sight when he really gets going.  There are times when I laugh until I cry because he turns into a wild animal—and all while chasing insubstantial vapors sneaking about the shower, ghouls and goblins only he can see.

[Update] I’ve uploaded new versions of the videos and changed the embedded players above to point to the latest versions.  The original MOV files I uploaded created an out-of-sync state with the YouTube audio and visual components, so hopefully uploading AVI versions of the videos has resolved that.  I’ll have to remember this in the future.  And another thing: the conversion from AVI to MOV (to lighten it) and back to AVI (to upload a working copy) has degraded the quality a bit.  That’s something else for me to watch out for.

4 thoughts on “Who knew bathtubs could be so much fun”

  1. Definitely something like that, although he’s not chasing shadows. The videos don’t show it well but he leaps on and attacks spaces in the tub where there are no shadows. It’s like he sees something the rest of us don’t. He’s in the right house if he’s going to be crazy.

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