Another blast from the past

To quote: “There are times when I wonder what I was thinking when I decided to trash certain photos.  That’s never more true than when I go through old images of The Kids as I have done recently.”

I’ve discovered in the past few weeks a great many pictures from long ago that I apparently decided were not worth posting.  Although I kept them in my photo archive, I removed them from the active batch from which I cull blog material.  Many are of The Kids; some aren’t.

So when I started searching for specific items and ran across stuff I thought I should share, I began wondering about my decision making long ago when I dumped them to begin with.  Mind you, I’ve never claimed to be sane.

Let me get back on track, though.

Here are two photos of The Kids from late 1998.  Kako and Kazon had only just been adopted.  Grendel and Loki, on the other hand, were left wondering what fresh new hell had invaded their territory and stable, comfortable, happy little home.

Loki in the box and Grendel in front of him, both watching Kako and Kazon playing beside the box

That’s Loki sitting in the box and Grendel sitting out in front, both of them watching Kako and Kazon trying to dig under the box from the side.  You can see most of Kazon with his tail sticking out, but Kako is reduced to a smidgen of black visible next to him.

And this was my first attempt to get a photograph of all four of them shortly after The Twins were adopted.  Although Grendel (at bottom) and Loki (at top) sat nicely and looked up at the camera, both Kako (at right) and Kazon (at left) seemed to have more important matters to tend to.

Loki and Grendel sitting on the kitchen floor while Kako and Kazon go on about their business

2 thoughts on “Another blast from the past”

  1. I’m with you, Kate. I always love stumbling over old photos, especially of The Kids. It’s like an unexpected Christmas gift.

    And you can bet one or more of these ferocious felines will be making an appearance at WCB—snow or no snow. Besides, we’re expecting severe thunderstorms, so I’m not sure which of us is getting the better weather deal.

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