Swine abuse

Ms. Jenny has been to the family farm on many occasions.  In fact, she’s considered one of the family and a trusted farmhand.

But there’s a dark side to her visits that we generally try to avoid discussing in mixed company.

It starts out innocent enough with a brief visit to see the adult pigs and to help with feeding and cleaning.

Jenny hanging out with the adult pigs

Now let’s be clear about this: Jenny’s not a large gal at all.  To be quite honest, she’s built low to the ground for speed and aerodynamics.  That means the adult pigs weighed more than she does.  In turn, that meant she had to behave with them since they could easily mow her down.

But then it was on to the juvenile pigs.

Again, the visit started out innocent enough with much petting and laughing and visiting, and even one of the younger swines leaning against her for a bit of affection.

Jenny hanging out with the juvenile pigs

But woe is the pig who messes with little Ms. Jenny.  As we watched in horrified dismay, she proceeded to assert her human superiority by sticking her foot in the mouth of one of those innocent, young, impressionable pigs.

A juvenile pig biting Jenny's foot

Oh the inhumanity!

That poor abused swine ended up emotionally scarred for life.  I mean… to have someone come marching into your home, pretend to be your friend, and finally stick their foot in your mouth…  How could the poor pig have come away from that experience unscathed?

[pictures via Mom]

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