He’s at it again

Kazon sitting near the patio doors (162_6242)

You know how much Kazon likes to open doors—any door.  Cabinets aren’t a problem for him, an ability he’s taught to the rest of The Kids.  But more intriguing is that regular doors aren’t a problem for him either.  Remember the laundry room door he so expertly opened so he and his sister could go inside and play?

What makes this talent so fascinating is this: Kazon’s just not a smart guy.  He’s sort of a dumb jock.  There are times he doesn’t remember his own ass when he jumps on something, and that usually leaves him dangling precariously with his front end on the target and his back end swinging in the wind.

His lack of intellectual prowess makes his skills with doors all the more mesmerizing—and unusual.  Yet he is in every sense of the word an expert when it comes to opening them.

As I explained in the original post about this, “If there’s a doorknob, he understands what it’s for and will try to use it.  If there’s a handle, he’ll try to grab it and pull it down.  If it’s a cupboard door, he knows to use his front paws to pull it open far enough to get his head inside — followed by the rest of him.”  I have been repeatedly amazed by him in this matter.  I know he’s learned from watching people that doorknobs open doors and that handles pull down and open doors, and he’s put these observations to use in his own endeavors.

But he’s not always successful.  And that brings me to this video.

I was doing laundry one day and he had been in the laundry room with me, but I made him leave when I was ready to close the doors and go about my other chores.  What I didn’t realize was that he wasn’t done in there, at least not yet.

The moment I walked away, he proceeded to try his magic.  You’ll see him reach for the doorknobs, try to snag the tiny space between the doors, try to reach under them for leverage (which is how he normally opened those particular doors anyway), and basically search for an easy way in.  However, he wasn’t particularly serious about getting in there and gave it only half the effort he normally would.  Eventually—and let’s be honest: probably because he forgot what he was doing or why he wanted in—he decided it was too much work and gave up.

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