Alien landscape

I originally intended to delete these photos.  I was facing into the sun when I took them.  As luck would have it, I didn’t bother changing the camera settings to compensate.  That’s why the color and exposure and light are all… well, odd… or off.

But then I really looked at them today and realized they had some aesthetic value after all.  I mean, think about being on an alien world somewhere, a place quite different from Earth where perhaps there are two suns that keep the air bright and shadows deep, where the sky is mostly white with only vague hints of blue on the periphery, where green only grows on the ground, where very few trees have any kind of foliage…

Or something like that.

These photos were taken at the White Rock Lake spillway facing away from the water toward the old hatchery ponds and surrounding woodlands.  It’s of interest to note this is where I have seen bobcats, red and gray foxes, coyotes, rabbits, badgers, armadillos, and a plethora of other wildlife.  And this is also where the local monk parakeet colony lives.  In fact, this particular area of the lake is one of the best birding spots to be found at White Rock, not to mention the best place to spot wily wildlings that evade detection elsewhere.

A few of the woodlands behind the lake's spillway (170_7007)
A few of the woodlands behind the lake's spillway (170_7004)
A few of the woodlands behind the lake's spillway (170_7005)

[before anyone asks, let me say I did try color correction on these photos; unfortunately, the originals are so overexposed with such cattywampus light balance that no amount of manhandling by me could make them any less of an affront to good photography, so I felt it best to share them as they are—and take advantage of their bizarre nature]

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