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The world’s largest beetle: That one photo says it all.  I’m sure The Kids would love to have one of those.  I mean, they did so well with two palmetto bugs, not to mention every other crawling thing that gets in and subsequently suffers a horrific, dismembered, unconscionable death.

Take a look at some new photographs of Saturn taken by Cassini.

The 55th Skeptics’ Circle is now online.  Go exercise your reason and intellect with some critical thinking.

Ancient Solar Observatory Discovered: “The oldest solar observatory in the Americas has been discovered in coastal Peru, archeologists announced today. The 2,300-year-old ceremonial complex featured the Towers of Chankillo, 13 towers running north to south along a low ridge and spread across 980 feet (300 meters) to form a toothed horizon that was used for solar observations.”

Don’t miss the boat!  Friday Ark #128 is boarding throughout the weekend.  Visit often.

These photos are compelling and fascinating.  They show a distant galaxy being stretched and torn apart.

DHS has issued rules to implement a national ID card system in the U.S.  All I can say is that we have become a police state.  Go read the short article to see why this is so disturbing.

Wonders of the Chinese Landscape: A collection of stunning photographs.

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