Gonna get me a woman

This morning presented a splendid opportunity for a walk at the lake.  Temperatures were cool but comfortable and there was plenty of sunshine.

Along the way, I stumbled upon several rock doves (Columba livia) lounging on the pier and nestled in amongst autumn’s leftovers now washed against the shore.  I won’t post any photos right now because I’d rather post this video.

I walked out on the pier to get as close to the wildlife as possible.  While I stood snapping photos and enjoying the pleasant morning, I noticed a particular male dove doing his little dove dance as he tried to woo himself a woman friend.  I actually found it entertaining to watch.  He busied himself with dancing and cooing and puffing up, and all the while she barely moved, although now and then she offered a slight nod as if to let him know he needed to keep going.  And he did.

You can see a boatload of other birds milling about in the background and you can certainly hear some of them, but the dove’s sweet whispers can also be heard.

This whole scene went on for several minutes.  I never saw the female give in to his charms, but neither did I see her chase him off as a peasant suitor unfit to meet her needs.  For all I know, he’s still dancing at this moment…

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