Special effects

I kept snapping photos of Vazra as he lay on the floor.  Because his hair is so long, he usually looks like a fluffy mop with eyes.  But these photos kept showing a weird unfocused area in front and beneath him.  It was as though he was resting atop a cushion of hot air.

Vazra lying on the bedroom floor (168_6883)
Vazra lying on the bedroom floor (168_6878)

I couldn’t for the life of me determine what was causing this intriguing special effect in the pictures.  At least until I looked at the lens.

Kazon had been “helping” me take pictures a little earlier.  At some point, he took a close look at the front of the camera.  I hadn’t realized it when it happened, but apparently he’d touched his nose to the lens and left me with a nice wet smudge covering the bottom half of it.

Do you think I could market this as a new technology to special effects companies?  I bet it costs less than CGI.

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