Speaking of Kazon

I’m growing a bit worried about him.

Kazon hasn’t been feeling well for a few days, although he’s not so sick as to be debilitated.

He’s had an unpleasant bout of diarrhea that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Nothing has changed in his diet or environment.  More notable: None of the other cats are sick.

The most important aspect of animal health is twofold.  Most importantly is whether or not they’re drinking, and a notch below that is whether or not they’re eating.  He’s doing both with his usual abandon and interest.

So I’m not sure what’s going on.  I suppose it could be a wee bit of a stomach bug.  Then again—and this bothers me most—he might also be picking up on my anxiety and stress, and that could be causing it.

Another side of this is that he’s not acting sick.  He acts like he feels fine.  And he doesn’t have a fever and isn’t losing weight, although a few days isn’t long enough to tell if that will happen.

To prove my point about how he’s acting, here are some photos from yesterday when he climbed on my shoulders and did his usual thing.  That is, he won’t sit still and climbs all over me and interferes with what I’m doing.  It’s all a ploy to get attention, but he gives as good as he gets (the whole time he purred in my ear, gave me kisses, rubbed against me and gave me head butts, and generally curled around my neck and made sure I knew I was loved).

Kazon lying on my shoulders and making his presence known (174_7466)
Kazon lying on my shoulders and making his presence known (174_7461)
Kazon lying on my shoulders and making his presence known (174_7449)

I’m not sure what’s wrong with him, if anything.  I’ll keep a close eye on him to see if the situation gets better or worse.  Financial issues aside, I promise he’ll be at the vet faster than you can say his name if I determine that’s necessary.

Oh, and this whole shoulder thing happened after the video.  As you can see, he always gets what he wants.

[these photos turned out badly because it’s hard to tell what I’m aiming at and focusing on since all I can do is hold the camera out in front of me, aim it as best as possible, and pull the trigger]

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  1. The expression on his face in the last image is great. He looks like he’s about to say something.. except that cat’s don’t talk. At least, not like people do. 😉

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