We’re not done yet

I’m trying to get some laundry done.  Grendel is trying to get some attention.  That leads to a conflict of interest.

Each time I stop or even momentarily pause, he immediately sets his behind down either on or next to my foot.

Grendel sitting next to my foot (105_0510)

That is one of Grendel’s most useful tools.  He’s smart enough to know that being next to or on top of my foot means he’s more likely to be bumped when I move, although his favorite maneuver is to sneak up and sit behind me since that means I’ll feel really guilty for not knowing he was there.

In any case, the moment I move and bump into him he lets out a squeal that declares he’s been wounded.  He’s not hurt, you know, but playing hurt means he gets attention.  So he yells and acts offended, and I respond by giving him plenty of lovin’.

Me petting Grendel as he prances around the kitchen (105_0511)

But I am trying to get some laundry done.  After a minute or two of petting and scratching, I take my leave of him and return to my chores.  He follows and plants himself next to me again when I start tending the wash.

Grendel sitting and staring at me to let me know we weren't done with the affection thing (113_1386)

And the look on his face?

Simple: “We’re not done yet.”

Less simple: “We’re not done yet, so don’t make me throw myself under your feet again just to get you back down here.”

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