A sky that never stops

Can we climb higher than the pain?  Can we find some comfort when it rests away in fleeting, furtive glances?  Or does the world remain lost in shadows despite what little light remains?

Clouds at sunset

Clouds pass slowly while the sun dangles just below the horizon.  I watch as gold tinges outlines in the sky.

Gently…ever so gently, they flow like mysteries through time and touch briefly the empty soul.  It’s like standing upon a mountaintop where I can reach the heavens.

Clouds at sunset

Even with this vast expanse laid out at my feet, the answers are not clear.  Secrets remain hidden from my mind.  I’m left with that which I cannot comprehend…so I continue seeking the riddles of why.

Briefly like the brush of gossamer silk against my skin, a breeze caresses me, holds me like an impassioned lover aching to touch with utmost care.  I let it hold me.

Clouds at sunset

Like wisps of smoke lost on the wind, it’s suddenly gone…the light…the clouds…the zephyr…the peace.  I stand swallowed by absent light mingling with my spirit.  Night has fallen.

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