It’s groomin’ time

Vazra begged and begged for me to take him to get his nails done.  Every refined feline needs a manicure and pedicure now and again, right?

But I told him money was tight and he’d have to tend to it himself.

So he did.

And he was not happy when he found out it was on video, and he was even less happy when he found out I intended to post it.

Now I have to go sit in the corner because I’m being punished.  As usual.

Oh, the answer is yes if you really must know.  I’m always fascinated by the simplest of things just as I’m fascinated by the most complex of things.  Whether it’s one of The Kids sleeping or grooming, a grain of sand on the beach or a pebble on the shore, a bird in the tree, an insect on the ground, two galaxies colliding hundreds of light years away, a black hole gobbling up planets in a solar system we’ll never reach, or a wisp of cloud in the sky—not to mention a trillion other things both ordinary and exotic—the cosmos fascinates me no matter what form it takes, no matter how banal or bizarre its display, no matter how mundane or magnificent its form.  So sue me.

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