Shadow cat…and strange curiosity

Kazon was sunning himself in the bedroom window when I captured this silhouette of him.  I thought the look was rather agreeable.

Kazon's silhouette as he sits in the window (175_7508)

But then he got weird.  Well, let me rephrase that.  He didn’t get weird since they’re all weird all the time.  I suppose you could say he just demonstrated his weirdness.

As I sat and tried to get another photo or two of that gorgeous silhouette, perhaps from different angles, he proceeded to let his curiosity get the best of him.  That ruined the shot as you no doubt guessed.

So what was so interesting?

The corner of the windowsill.

A close-up of Kazon investigating the corner of the windowsill (175_7509)

There was nothing there.  Even I looked given his serious investigation.  But it was funny that he was so intent to sniff and look as though only he could see some tiny prey or invisible toy.

My cats are just insane.

3 thoughts on “Shadow cat…and strange curiosity”

  1. Perhaps cats are multi-dimensional creatures, capable of exploring more than one reality at a time.

    It would explain much.

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  3. Oh, they’re multidimensional all right… But you’re correct: they have access to more than just our reality. That’s the only way to explain a great many things.

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