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A very disturbing look at the pork industry: There’s too much to quote a small item.  It’s all very important and revealing.  Go read it even if you don’t eat pork.  And I agree with the final sentiment.  Wholeheartedly, in fact.

Oh dear me!  A news station wanted to run a story about Krispy Kreme’s new wheat doughnuts.  Instead of going to the company’s site to grab an image for use on the air, someone apparently did a quick web search and grabbed the first related visual they found.  Unfortunately for them and for the news station, that image had been modified and included a rather funny yet inappropriate slogan for the new product.  Go take a look—both the video of the broadcast and a copy of the image are available.  You’ll see why someone should have been more observant.

Carnival of the Godless #62 is the infidels’ delightful celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.  Good stuff, Maynard.

Don’t miss Birds in the News 75 (v3n2).  There are several beautiful photographs and a whole lotta avian news from around the planet.

Carnival of the Cats celebrates its third anniversary with the 156th edition.  Although I missed participating in this one due to a full weekend away from the ‘puter, I highly recommend you visit for a wonderfully full salute to all things feline.  And while you’re on a cat kick, be sure to stalk your way over to Weekend Cat Blogging #93 for a kitty celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t forget all the canine antics at Carnival of the Dogs and Weekend Dog Blogging #77.  Grab your rawhide toy so you’ve got something to chew on while you’re visiting them.

There’s a healthy dose of credulity at Skeptics’ Circle #56.  A little critical thinking and use of reason never hurt anyone…much…so fill up your tank with skepticism.

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