As long as you’re comfortable

One thing I’ve never understood about The Kids is how they’re able to get comfortable on things and in positions that make me hurt just looking at them.  Take the printer for instance.  It’s hard with angular surfaces, yet all five of them can sleep on it for hours.

Kako lying on the printer (147_4771)

That’s Kako doing just that.

Because they like to sleep on top of it, I keep it protected with a dust cover that stops their hair from piling up on and in it.  Sometimes they like to bunch the cover up before lying down (as Kako did), and sometimes they take it as it is without alterations.

Yet this is nothing more spectacular than is the normal feline ability to sleep pretty much anywhere and on anything.  Whether it’s a sheet of glass, a hard floor or countertop, or any of a number of pieces of electronic equipment, their flexible bone structure and blasé attitude about sleeping arrangements seem to enable comfort even in the most unpleasant of places.

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