A better idea without intent

I’m continuing the migration of photos to Zooomr and am slightly less than halfway through everything posted here.  That’s a total of 579 pictures migrated thus far and a total of 270 posts edited.  There’s a lot more to manhandle before I’m done, yet I feel I have a momentum going now that will ensure this project is completed before I turn 90.

But something I’ve noticed as I move photos is an increase in quality.  Why is that?

Simple: Each photo was reduced in PPI and with compression before being posted originally.  After that, they were compressed again as I went through the original quality reduction project (to reduce the display and file sizes of the images).  Because I’m using JPEGs with compression, the lossy compression scheme causes them to lose quality and data each time they’re saved.

I’ve been somewhat astounded by the sudden clarity of photographs after I’ve moved them.  It’s because I’m using the original pictures for uploads, and that in turn means the multiple losses due to JPEG compression are no longer an issue.

In some cases, in fact, it’s as though I’m looking at a whole new image.

All of that means migrating has had a better impact than just the loss of bandwidth consumption.  In all cases, it’s also meant an improvement in quality, an increase in sharpness, and a jump in clarity.

Gosh, I really like it when I accomplish neat things without trying.

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