That’s just how she rolls

A few days ago when sunshine actually fell in Texas (something it hasn’t done for days now), I sat in the bedroom with all The Kids.  We played, we got and gave lots of lovin’, and I snapped photos.  The only one who didn’t bother to grace me with her direct presence was Kako.  She had been sleeping in the cat bed with a blanket of sun draped over her, and every once in a while she’d open her eyes a bit to see what was happening and whether she should actually get up.

She never did.

But what she did do was give us all the occasional “TRYIN’ TO SLEEP HERE!” look that just screamed across the room in visual silence.  In fact, here’s a picture of that look.

Kako trying to sleep while Kazon hangs out with Daddy (174_7492)

You can see Kazon in the foreground hanging out with me, yet it’s that look in the background that says it all.

Did we cave to her brutal demands?  Did we crumble under the onslaught of her selfishness and disdain?

Of course not!  We went right on doing what we were doing, enjoying a warm moment together, and left her to her self-imposed exile and anger.

Later, once the other cats had moved on to nap or eat, she finally got her JLo booty out of the bed and came to see me.  Uh-huh.  I knew she couldn’t resist the need for affection and fun.  Similarly, I also knew she’d get to it on her own schedule.  That’s just how she rolls.

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