Let’s play ball

When he’s not taking it by force, there are times I see a gentler side of Loki, an expectant yet subtle interaction very much unlike his normal brutality.

Take this moment for example:

Loki staring at me with an expectant gaze (174_7490)

All of The Kids had rallied around me for play and affection.  For Loki, however, something was missing, something his calm demeanor and questioning gaze tried to communicate to me whilst my attention remained focused on all five felines.  When I didn’t get the hint, he tried to make his point clearer sans the use of violence.  Instead, he tried using a visual cue.

Loki staring at me with an expectant gaze after he brought me a ball (174_7484)

Ah!  He wanted to play fetch.  Since I was obviously too daft to pick up on that by myself, he brought me a ball and placed it right in front of me.  I mean, no human could be so ignorant as to not understand his expectation with that offering.

[oh, and one note: I don’t know for certain who’s visible in the pictures with Loki; since all of The Kids were there with me and since I can’t see more than a bit of dark body, I can tell you it’s either Kako or Kazon—but I can’t say specifically which one]

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