Nuthin to see here

Kazon went to the vet this morning and returned with nothing to report.  As of this morning, he’s acting fine and energetic and hanging out with the other cats.  His bathroom activities were completely normal yesterday, and they’ve been that way today as well.

Perhaps his upset stomach on Thursday was just a weird hiccup in an otherwise normal week.  Given his current condition, the vets think it was nothing more complicated than a touch of stomach flu or some other bug.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep a close eye on him.  Any relapse or reappearance will result in an immediate trip back to the doctor for further testing and examination.

I’m thrilled, mind you, for quite obvious reasons.  Seeing him back to his normal goofy self today after yesterday’s self-imposed exile and isolation has made me quite happy.  He’s definitely acting like himself again, and he certainly appears to be feeling well.

Kazon sitting in sunlight looking up at me (168_6870)

6 thoughts on “Nuthin to see here”

  1. Just to say Hello as I just discovered you have blogrolled my blog.
    You have beautiful cats of which 4 are black.
    It takes a very “special” person to go against “convention” or rather “conditioned” thinking to adopt a black cat or even a tortie-shell in Singapore.

  2. I’m thrilled he’s doing better as well, and even more thrilled it doesn’t seem to be anything serious.

    And thanks for the compliments! I think he looks quite dashing… as any proud parent should.

    You know, VeganCatsg, I never thought about their colors until others mentioned it–including a few who thought it terrible luck to have one, let alone four, black cats. I don’t give in to silly superstitions, though, and don’t even pay attention to color when I’m rescuing cats. Besides, they’ve brought me nothing but joy and love and wonderful companionship, proof of the adage that it’s what’s inside that counts no matter what wrapping is on the outside.

  3. We just discovered your blog and your beautiful cats, and will be dropping by from now on. You’re welcome any time at Artsy Catsy to see what life is like with 15 cats and 4 artist humans!

    The Artsy Catsy houseful

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