It only took ten days

Just over a week ago when I posted some accidental photos of American robins that I didn’t even know I had taken, I started that entry with a photo of the stark, barren woodlands through which I often walk.  Foliage was at a minimum then.  Although I noticed some trees had started dressing for warmer weather, most remained naked, if not having just budded.

But now things are quite different.  And it only took ten days for the world to change.

The wooded scene during a walk at dusk (178_7880)
Looking up through spring foliage at dusk (178_7881)

There is more to come, yes, for still there are many trees only just beginning to don seasonal garb appropriate for this time of year.  Within a month at most, this scene will be lush, verdant, and full of life.  More than it is now, I mean.

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