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What a great story: Bald Eagle Returns to Philadelphia after 200 Years.  “America’s national emblem is nesting in Philadelphia for the first time in more than 200 years but it may be on a collision course with developers. A pair of bald eagles, a species that has recovered from the brink of extinction in the last 40 years, has built a nest in a former Navy yard on the south side of Philadelphia, the sixth-largest U.S. city and where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written.”

You have to see this video!  It’s of a duckling feeding koi.  I can’t tell if it’s intentional or not (i.e., the duckling may be trying to wet down its own food), but it’s still cute nevertheless, especially because the koi are large enough to eat the duckling.

Interesting research for those sharing life with one or more dogs: “Going right or left makes a big difference for tail wagging dogs, Italian researchers have discovered. Tails wag to the right when dogs are happy and see something they want to approach, and to the left when they are frightened and confronted with something they want to run away from, claim the researchers.”

Bizarre Hexagon Spotted on Saturn: “One of the most bizarre weather patterns known has been photographed at Saturn, where astronomers have spotted a huge, six-sided feature circling the north pole. Rather than the normally sinuous cloud structures seen on all planets that have atmospheres, this thing is a hexagon. The honeycomb-like feature has been seen before. NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged it more than two decades ago. Now, having spotted it with the Cassini spacecraft, scientists conclude it is a long-lasting oddity.”  See the article for a photograph.  And I think it feels so 2010

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