I won’t mention any names, but some people around here seem to have serious hang-ups about cows.  In response to their constant harping on beef and steak and gnawing on bones, I thought I’d share some moo-moos.

As for calling them moo-moos, my sister Roni came up with that one umpteen years ago during a drive from Texas to Colorado.  We had long surpassed the giddy, car-crazy stage of boredom.  To entertain herself—and subsequently the rest of us—she leaned over the front seat backwards and used her hands to show us how moo-moos (cows) and neigh-neighs (horses) walked down the inside of the windshield.  We had just passed a field full of both…

Still, she was insane.  We all were by that point.  And oh how we laughed at her silliness… and our own.  It certainly lightened the mood and gave us all a jolly ol’ time in the middle of a boring, mundane, catatonic drive that seemed to last far too long for our mental health.

By the way, these are cows from the family farm.  You’ll notice there are some babies in the mix.  Watching them frolic and play is quite entertaining, but even more surprising and awe-inspiring is when the adults pull the same antics by leaping and kicking and bolting across one of the many pastures they inhabit (they’re moved from pasture to pasture as the grass grows).

Some of the pastures are wide open while others have plenty of natural cover.  Where there exist ample trees and brush, the mothers give birth.  In fact, the first thing I was told when I arrived on Sunday was that a calf had been lost—an absolute first.  It only took getting near the baby for the mother to reveal where she had hidden it deep in spring foliage and woodland cover.  Not so lost after all…

Cows at the family farm (182_8277)
Cows at the family farm (178_7828)
Cows at the family farm (177_7797)
Cows at the family farm (177_7796)

[note that these pictures come from both of my recent trips to East Texas; also note there are two herds and I’m not showing the totality of either, and I’m also not showing the details of all the pastures; call me paranoid, but I’d rather not provide enough visual clues for anyone to locate the family farm]

7 thoughts on “Moo-moos”

  1. Your family farm looks like a slice of heaven. Piggies and moo-moos abound and the landscape is beautiful.

    Got any chickens??

  2. Absolutely! There are chickens, cows, guinea fowl, pigs, dogs, and cats, not to mention a wide variety of wildlife that inhabits the area—from deer to coyotes to hummingbirds to bobcats to vultures to hawks to so many other creatures that they can’t be numbered or named. It’s in the middle of East Texas’ second growth woodlands and comes replete with a litany of magnificent creatures.

    I’ll soon post some pictures of the chickens since I happened to capture some presentable images on both of my recent trips. I also still have some new photos of the dogs and cats I’ll be posting, not to mention a few scenes from the general area. Oh, I also want to share some pictures of the wildlife I’ve thus far been able to capture. There’s a lot more to come, especially as I continue going out there.

    By the way, it definitely is a slice of heaven, one surrounded by thick forest and so far removed from civilization as to be on a remote island somewhere.

  3. See, that’s why you’re never going to the family farm with me. I just know we’d catch you out in the pasture gnawing on a cow’s ankle. Given your size, I suspect you’d have to shoot for one of the calves since you might not be able to reach the ankle of an adult! 😆

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