Yet another feed change

I’ve re-added my personal copyright notice to all of my RSS feeds.  I’ve discovered several sites using my feeds to generate income via Google’s ad services (possibly others as well).

But it’s not just me they’re stealing from.  The sites I’ve discovered thus far appear to be pulling feeds from all over the place in order to use AdSense and AdWords for income.  That’s a major copyright infringement.

I’ve already contacted Google and the hosting services for the sites in question, and now I’m going through checking all of the logs for my content to see if this is happening elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I’ve put the copyright notice back on all of my feeds to ensure it’s pulled along with the content (prior to FeedBurner retrieving the info).  It helps to have a common phrase to search for in these cases, and that happens to be one that I can control and append to every post before it leaves my servers.

2 thoughts on “Yet another feed change”

  1. Nothing so far, but I only just notified them. I suspect they’ll terminate those accounts immediately since that’s a major violation of their advertising policy (not to mention copyright and property rights laws).

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