A rugged chap

Three days ago I introduced you to the male regal jumping spider (Phidippus regius) I found on my car.

I’m here now to tell you he’s still there.

On the car.

After it’s been driven.  A lot.

For instance, today I drove to the bank, post office, coffee shop, cleaners, and gas station for a total of eight miles (13 kilometers).  He clung to the underside of the spoiler for the entire drive.  That’s where he was when I finally pulled into the garage after I returned home.

He’s remained on the vehicle since I found him.

I’ve made special trips to the garage each day to determine if he was still there—more specifically, whether he was still on the car.  And each day, that’s precisely where I’ve found him.

When I’ve driven the car somewhere, it’s been of special interest to me to see if he was still there once I arrived back home.  And he has been.

Thus far, however, I’ve not driven more than the total distance I drove today.  If he doesn’t relocate by Monday, I’ll be watching closely to see how he handles a twenty-mile (32-kilometer) commute—one way at that.  My total travel to and from my new job will be forty miles (64 kilometers) each day.  I can’t imagine that’s going to be easy for him to handle.

Additionally, I’m not sure the constant environment changes, not to mention being out in the open for eight hours every weekday, will leave him in peace.

Then again, it could well provide him with a lot more food than is available in the garage.

So I’ll keep an eye on him and will let you know what happens to the little large chap.  He’s proved to be quite rugged thus far.  Hopefully the sudden long-distance movement won’t prove deleterious to his well-being.

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