Sometimes I wonder how cats can be comfortable in the twisted postures they often exhibit.  This is never more true than when sleeping.

And Kazon is no different.

I found him napping in the cat castle.  There is a horizontal tube at the top of it.  It’s open at both ends with a large hole in the top and a smaller one in the bottom at one end.  He had taken a position at the opposite end where the tunnel is covered by a sleeping platform above it.

I happened to notice him and decided I’d snap a photo, but that’s when I realized he was literally bent in half.  Just look at him.

Kazon sleeping in the cat castle (141_4156)

His back feet are resting on top of his head!

Don’t try this at home, poppets.

I know their skeletal structure is extremely flexible.  That’s one thing that makes them superb predators.  But it also enables them to be comfortable in some of the most bizarre, distorted, misshapen positions ever imagined—and a whole lot more never before imagined.

Keep in mind the inside of the tunnel has a diameter of ten inches (25 centimeters).  I’ll never understand how he bent his entire frame in half, found a cozy spot, and fell asleep…

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  1. What a flexible kitty! I’ve seen Puddy do crazy bending shapes when she sleeps – she’s a gorgeous black cat just like your kitty. I love the photo, it’s really cute!

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