Chickens for mArniAc

mArniAc asked on the post about cows at the family farm whether we had any chickens.  I answered her in the affirmative, but I felt it important to provide her with visual proof that could well stem her most fowl fetish.

There are fewer than a dozen chickens living there.  Because it’s not a humongous farm and is intended only to serve the needs of the family, more than that would be overkill.

So, mArniAc, here are some chicken photos taken during my recent trips to East Texas.  Enjoy!

Chickens at the family farm (177_7764)
Chickens at the family farm (177_7766)
Chickens at the family farm (177_7765)
Chickens at the family farm (177_7768)

[I absolutely LOVE that last photo; you have to look at the larger version to see it, but the lighter hen has this rather disapproving look as she gazes at the other hen shaking her head; it’s as though she’s an uppity woman looking down on someone who would behave so primitively in public; it’s the epitome of disdain; if she had lips, they’d clearly be pursed…]

6 thoughts on “Chickens for mArniAc”

  1. ahhh, I feel much better now.

    Those are some fine looking chickens, not that I would expect any less from your family farm after seeing your other photos. Thank you for indulging me!

  2. You’re quite welcome. My pleasure, actually.

    There’s a good variety of them, I admit. And they all produce colored eggs (not a white one in the bunch). I told Mom it sort of takes the fun out of Easter when the chickens are already laying pastel eggs—and in varying colors and sizes, too! But yes, they’re a fabulous fowl federation.

  3. This is anything but a semi-family site.

    And there’s only one cock in the bunch. That’s him in the first photo (with one of his lady friends looking on at the bottom of the image). Aside from that one rooster, the rest are hens.

    You’d know this already if you’d ever go out there with me—but you’d have to promise not to sneak out to the pastures so you could gnaw and nibble on the cattle. That’s so unbecoming . . .

  4. i will do my best not to pack my grill and steak sauce. and since i’ve gotten the green light, that’s a big cock. never thought i would say such a thing…

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