My lotus blossom

I realize she’s wearing a wide-eyed glance that practically screams “I ain’t done nuthin!”  Despite that guilty look, however, I find this image of Kako terribly endearing, a moving portrait of a true lady who, when she wants, can be quite the mistress of intrigue and beauty.  Something in her eyes beckons to me, an unspoken declaration of love, trust, and shared comfort… a silent vocalization of the indescribable tenderness inherent in family bonds.

Kako standing with wide eyes and looking like a proper lady (168_6873)

Yet something else hides behind that appearance.  I see the guise of things not said yet clearer than the noon sun in a cloudless sky, a regard from the predator within that gently tells me my delusions of mastery are tolerated only because deep affection flows in the river between us.

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